Funkwerk direkt – Ihr direkter Kontakt
Funkwerk direkt – Ihr direkter Kontakt
Funkwerk direkt – Ihr direkter Kontakt

Security at a new level.

funktel FC4: The universal handset range.

The funktel FC4 range introduces a new generation of terminal units where particular emphasis is placed on the meaningful display of telephone activities and on making rapid response possible.

Incoming calls and entries in the dial, redial and call lists are automatically linked to name entries and displayed accordingly. Indicators signal missed calls and messages.

Important functions such as call-back, phone book access or redial list can be called up by pressing a single button (shortcut).The high-resolution, illuminated colour display, the newly designed symbol-based user interface and the similarly illuminated keypad with coloured menu keys make the FC4 extremely simple and a pleasure to operate.

Modern battery technology with state-of-the-art power management and the wide range of configuration possibilities for operation and signalling make the FC4 handset series extremely ergonomic—meaning improved security of operation and information.

Highlights of the funktel FC3/FC4 series:

  • TFT colour display: 16 bit / 65,536 colours, with shockproof, scratch-resistant screen
  • Illuminated keys, abrasion-resistant, with colour hotkeys for direct access to the icon-based menu control
  • 20 MIDI ringtones, melody and volume can be set separately for internal and external calls, suitable for loud environments
  • Loudspeaker for intelligible hands-free operation
  • Diversity DECT antenna with improved reception quality
  • Replaceable lithium-ion battery, 650 mAh, modern battery management with exact charge level indicator
  • Local phone-book: 500 entries with name, two phone numbers and three lines for information details
  • Real-time clock and calendar with alarm function
  • All user entries are stored on an easily replaceable memory card (SIM card)

funktel FC4 Ex: The handset with explosion protection.


  • Explosion protection: Gas zone 1, dust zone 21
  • Degree of protection IP 65 (jet-proof and dust-tight)
  • Robust design with screw-fastened battery
  • Newly designed graphic user interface
  • Keys and display illuminated for use in poor lighting conditions
  • 20 MIDI ringtones, high volume up to 93 dB(A)
  • Individual signalling for internal, external and messaging (ringtones, volume, duration, vibration with temporary muting)
  • Hotkey for local telephone directory with 500 entries
  • User-replaceable, screw-fastened lithium-ion battery with explosion protection
  • Diversity DECT antenna for better connection quality
  • Loudspeaker for hands-free operation

funktel FC4 S: The Secury handset for optimum personal security.


  • 4 manual alarm types: big red emergency call button for emergency call alarm 1+2, separate button for warning alarm 1+2
  • Automatic alarm types: position alarm, no-motion alarm, time alarm and loss alarm to identify attack situations
  • Localisation with inductive localisation transmitters (fine) and DECT base stations (rough)
  • Watchman control functionality with localisation display
  • Automatic safeguarding of device functions using sensor and localisation tests prior to use, 24-hour test
  • Individual programming of the alarm types, times for pre-alarm/alarm and for the corresponding signals
  • Complete integration of emergency call functions into the unit's operating concept
  • High signal volume for noisy environments with additional vibration alarm
  • Explosion-proof models for explosive gas and dust-loaded atmospheres
  • Colour display, illuminated keys, symbol-based and colour-coded user guidance
  • Lithium-ion technology for long battery life

funktel FC4 S Ex

For employees in hazardous industrial environments requiring both explosion-protection for gas and/or dust and also optimum personal security, the funktel FC4 S Ex combines all of these features in a single device: user-friendly telephone and messaging functions, certified explosion protection and a wide range of sensors and alarm signalling functions.

FC4 Medical

DECT Medical Handset

The FC4 Medical DECT-handset has been designed specifically for use in clinical environments. In the interest of better hygiene all the casing surfaces are covered with an antimicrobial synthetic film*. All external parts are extremely resistant to a wide range of common disinfectants.

Despite its light weight, the FC4 Medical is truly a userfriendly handset, thanks to its slim profile, easy-to-read display and an ergonomic keypad. The design of the handset was driven by the requirements of a typical working day in a hospital environment—with particular attention to being paid to robustness and impact resistance.

A clip keeps is securely in place—even in slim coat pockets. If the handset should fall or even come into contact with water, the robust components and sealed casing will offer effective protection against damage to the electronics. The FC4 Medical can be used in all standard DECT systems that comply with the GAP/CAP standards, as well as in all integrated DECT systems.

*) TÜV certification in preparation

D4 Office

D4 Office – The Business Handset: The funktel D4 Office is an ideal successor to the D3 mobile and the funktel FC1. Thanks to its GAP/CAP compatibility, it can be used in almost any DECT network.

The funktel D4 Office places a high-quality business handset at your disposal. It combines comprehensive telephony and messaging features with professional acoustic and signalling functionality as well as superb ergonomics and state of the art technology.In addition to supporting all the well-known features, the SIM card (MemCard) is also backward compatible with the D3 mobile and the FC1: This enables user settings stored on the SIM card to be transferred to the funktel D4 Office simply by exchanging cards. 

The casing is light, handy and pleasing to the touch with robust protection against drop and impact damage. In addition to a high-contrast colour display and non-slip keys, the contemporary casing design offers many practical features and user-orientated functions.

In fact, the user interface is based on the tried and trusted ergonomics associated with all funktel industrial handsets, combining intuitive handling, unambiguous displays and logical menu navigation for optimal, error-free operation.