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webnet-gms by funktel

webnet-gms® - The innovative solution.

Tailor-made for your technical building management: Every system is unique. The standards for the utilisation of a building or facility complex have increased steadily in the past years. Influencing factors such as a modern appearance, a comfortable working atmosphere, order and security, value maintenance and profitable utilisation, as well as the provision and support of customer-specific organisational formats have continued to increase - both inside and outside of the building to match the purpose for which the building is used.


The range of engineering systems used in modern facilities has grown enormously due to the increased demands placed by both owners and tenants on the utilisation possibilities, and by new legislation and regulations on the operation of buildings, and finally by technical progress.


Transparency and simple handling

webnet-gms®: The superordinated operating and monitoring system for wide-ranging and complex control centre solutions. The increasing diversity in building engineering results in a whole range of demands in respect of organisation, handling, monitoring and administration of these complex systems. The webnet-gms¨ building management system was developed specifically to meet these demands, designed as an superordinated operating and monitoring system to control and administer all of the participating units and systems irrespective of manufacturer, using a common operator interface.


webnet-gms® by funktel GmbH is a superordinated operating and control system that has been widely tried and tested in practical applications. webnet-gms® opens up a wide range of complex control desk applications using innovative performance features.