Funkwerk direkt – Ihr direkter Kontakt
Funkwerk direkt – Ihr direkter Kontakt
Funkwerk direkt – Ihr direkter Kontakt

Ergonomic, light, robust: The funkwerk FC4 series of DECT mobile devices

Industrial personal mobile device and telephone in one: A perfect mobile companion for maximum safety and security.

Optimum ergonomics, comprehensive protection against external influences and extensive DECT features: With its FC4 series of mobile DECT devices, funktel GmbH has set the benchmark in terms of functionality as well as operating convenience and handling.

The stable, dust-proof and jetted-water resistant IP65-class casings make the funktel FC4 a robust and high-quality companion in harsh industrial environments. All settings are stored on an exchangeable MemCard (SM card)—for problem-free swapping of handsets when that require servicing. In addition, the funktel FC4 series of mobile devices are equipped with user-friendly features such as hands-free usage, MIDI ring-tones, vibration-signalling and convenient operation via a symbol-based user interface.

Multiple communication possibilities

Within the complete DECT network, speech communication with other mobile terminals, with devices connected to a sub-system or with public telephone network subscribers is conveniently accessible at any time. High availability of communication channels coupled with unlimited freedom of movement in-house ensures acceptance and flexibility—promoting operational efficiency within the organisation.


Even under conditions of poor visibility, alarm and text messages shown on the large alpha-numeric display remain clearly legible. Comprehensive messaging functions allow alarm and text messages to be received from other users.
Automatically-generated fault reports, notifications from computer systems or manually-generated messages from LAN-based messaging clients can even be received while a call is in progress. Own text messages can be conveniently preprogrammed and easily triggerde. All outgoing messages are date-stamped.

funktel DECT FC4 S / FC4 S Ex: Alarm functions

In addition to the standard features, the funktel FC4 S / FC4 S Ex is equipped with high-performance integrated sensors and localisation functionality, with cyclic testing of all functions. Various manual alarms (emergency and warning alarms) as well as automatic alarm types (position, loss, “man-down” and time-out alarms) are available—in strict compliance with German BG* norms.

*) Berufsgenossenschaften = Employer's Liability Insurance Association (of Germany)

funktel DECT D4 Office: The Business Handset

The funktel D4 Office is the ideal office handset for discerning users. Because the user settings are stored on a SM card (MemCard), all data can be transferred to the funktel D4 Office simply by swapping the card—without intervention by a technician, data conversion or a new configuration being entered manually.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art Lithium-ion battery technology, the D4 Office offers long stand-by and talk times with extended battery life and shorter recharge times.

Speakerphone and hands-free performance of the D4 Office lies at a professional level—either for individual, personal use or to cover an entire room or group (conference scenario).

funktel DECT FC4 Medical: the DECT handset for the medical sector

Specially developed for use in medical and nursing environments, the highly successful funktel FC4 DECT handset has been equipped with an antimicrobial casing surface. This effectively reduces the formation of germs on the casing, as well as counteracting the spread of harmful germs during the course of daily use.

The casing is handy and comfortable to use and is highly robust in terms of drop and impact damage. IP 65 certification means that the funktel FC4 Medical is protected against the ingress of dust and jetted water—making it highly suited for use in wet rooms, etc.